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When you Need to Worry About Foundation Cracks


Foundations may crack for different reasons including settling, poor drainage, and unstable soils. Often, foundation cracks show serious structural problems and sometimes it may be insignificant. In the US, about 60 percent of homes are built on souls with clay content. More than half of these homes will experience damage. Souls with heavy clay contents may cause the seasonal movement of the foundation which is one reason a foundation may fail or crack. Sometimes your home may require a foundation repair.

When Should you Worry About Foundation Cracks?

The seriousness of a foundation crack depends largely on the number, size, and location of the cracks as well as whether there are other structural issues signs in your home. Many homes have foundation cracks and the chances of cracks appearing in the foundation increases as a home gets older. Foundation cracks can lead to roof issues, framing issues, problems with windows, and doors, and even basement walls leakage.

Reasons for Foundations Failing or Cracking

The following may cause a foundation to crack or fail.

Poor Soil Compaction

If the soul of your home was not compacted properly before digging the footings, there may be a crack or drop down in the foundation. This means the soil does not support the weight of the house and foundations.

Plumbing Leaks

When there is a plumbing leak, either from sewer lines or water lines and the moisture migrates under or around the foundation, foundation crack may occur. The damage may even be greater if the leak has been going on for a long period.

Drainage Issues

One of the common cause of foundation cracks and damage is poor drainage near the foundation of a home.

Expansive Soils

This is especially true for those souls with a high clay content. The lifting or heaving pressures of the souls can cause foundation cracks.


Foundation settling may also cause foundation cracks especially in the event of differential settlement.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can cause foundation cracks; however, this is not as a result of the roots pushing but rather from the roots drawing moisture out of the soil under your foundation because of transpiration.

Warnings of a Foundation Problem

There are many signs that a homeowner or buyer should know that could show there is a problem with the foundation. By simply walking around the home and looking at both the exterior and interior, you may want to seek more information about the foundation. Here are some things you should look at.

  • Wary or sagging roof
  • Gaps at windows and doors, distorted or racked
  • Cracks in brick sliding
  • Cracks at the window and door corners
  • Self opening or closing doors
  • Stucco cracks
  • Sticking or rubbing windows and doors
  • Loose or cracked floor tile
  • Un-level or sloped floors
  • Cracks in the garage floor or concrete slab
  • Chimney leaning away from the house
  • Leaning or bowing foundation walls

Many foundations have cracks and they are generally not serious but merely looking at the foundation crack will not tell you whether your home has serious structural issues. So it is smart to consult a Houston foundation repair expert to come have a look at your home to determine the level of damage and propose the best way out.See more:

How to Find a New Foundation Repair Houston Company with a Limited Budget?

Pier and beam foundation repair is crucial. When there are issues with foundations within any building, whether it’s a commercial property or a home, it’s a nightmare. There are lots of risks with foundations issues and in the end the entire property could be lost. However, foundations need to be repaired and it’s very, very important for you to find a good repair company. What if you are working with a limited budget, is it still possible to find a good company and if so, how?

Understand there’s No Quick Fix

While it would be ideal to say you can go online or look in the yellow pages and find a good foundation repair company that will charge fifty bucks to fix the problem, it’s not going to happen. There really aren’t any quick fixes when it comes to foundation repair and that’s the problem you have to understand. Yes, money is also a worry but it’s always easy to say you’ll look for the cheapest service instead of the competent service. Houston foundation repair can be simple and it doesn’t always have to be too costly but there are no quick fixes.

You Must Get As Many Free Quotes as Possible

Pier and beam foundation repair is not going to be cheap, especially if the problems are extensive but there are ways to get an affordable repairs company. What you need to do is to get as many free quotes as possible. Call many good companies up and ask them if they can inspect the home and give you a quote for the work that needs done. In most cases, the companies will offer a free quote and if you can get several then you can compare the costs and see which seems more reasonable.

Look On and Offline and Narrow Your List Down To Five Names

You will need to take the time to come up with a few names which means searching for potential Houston foundation repair services online and off. There are lots and you should try and come up with a list of five or six. You can narrow your list down by price as well as their services to have a short list created. It can be a very good idea to do this and it may allow you to get more value for money as well.

Look at Their Reputation, Their Services and how much it’ll Cost To Use Their Services

Next, you need to compare the services. You should take the time to look at the reputation of the companies you like the look of, the type of services in which they can offer as well as how much it will cost to use their services. If you can compare these things, it might be easier in the long run to choose a service. Pier and beam foundation repair is important and you have to find a good company to help. Read more.

Choose Wisely

It’s not easy to say which companies are best because there are quite a few of them out there but it’s important to find one which is a good fit for you. You have to take the time to look at everything the company has to offer so that you can get a good service. It’s important and not as difficult as you might think either. Find the best Houston foundation repair service and get the help you need today.

Three Tips to Find a New Foundation Repair Houston TX Service

Properties with serious foundation issues need a good foundation repair Houston service. When there are faults with the foundations, an entire building is at risk no matter how minor the problem appears to be. It’s very important to look at what can be done to help solve the problem and believe it or not, a building can be saved even when the foundations are in serious trouble. However, the faster you act, the more likely the home can be saved. How to find a repair service?

Go Online and Get A Few Quotes from Contractors

First of all, it can be a great idea to take the time to go online and search out a few good companies you can look at calling out. Getting foundation specialists to look at the property in question and get a quote for the work that is needed and the costs can be very important. This gives you an opportunity to see if the contractors all agree with the problem at hand and it gives you also, an idea of what works needs done and the cost for it. Finding a foundation repair Houston TX service can be far easier than you think. Calling out several contractors can be a useful way to get some quotes as long as they are free quotes.

Compare Quotes and Services

Next, you need to take a very close look at each quote you’re able to get and the estimates that come with them. Comparing quotes and the services on offer can allow you to find a company you are fully happy with and whom you believe can offer the best services as well. Far too many people don’t do this and end up with a service they are not overly fond of. It’s important you take the time to look at the quotes as a whole and see which foundation repair Houston option is the better one for you.

Always Do Some Digging Into the Background of a Foundation Repairs Company

When you think you have found a suitable foundation repair Houston TX Company, you need to do some digging! Digging around into the background of the repair company can be important whether you have heard of them before or otherwise. Doing some research into the company can hopefully allow you to find a suitable choice. A lot of people don’t think about doing this but it can be a very important thing to consider. Check here.

Find the Best Service

It’s far easier than you think to find a good foundation repairs company. There are many good options available and you can take your time to find the very best company as well. Far too many people don’t think about this when choosing a repairs company and end up with someone they aren’t overly happy with. Instead, you need to do your part to ensure the people you hire are the best value for money. Choose the best foundation repair Houston service and get the help you need to keep your property in one piece.

Foundation Repair Products for Your Home


If you find any few of the following signs in your basement and home, then your foundation requires immediate attention. Bowing walls, Floor cracks, Tilted chimney, Uneven floors, Jammed windows and doors, Drywall cracks.

Collapsing retaining walls

Apart from these, other signs like sinking outdoor concrete, sagging crawl spaces, etc. can also indicate a problem. The only way out is to consult a foundation repair service and to have the problem fixed as soon as possible. If you decide to ignore these symptoms, the result will most likely be severe structural damages and costly repairs.

The Products

The products and services used for foundation repair are based on the depth of damages. Not all problems are the same. Hence the solution required for each repair varies. Foundation walls must be able to withstand the force of the house above and the soil all around it. If they cannot withstand these forces, they will begin to bow, slide or crack. The cause is usually the soil surrounding the walls. This pressure must be addressed when considering a repair.

The following products are regularly used for the various foundation issues: Wall anchors; These are used to counteract the soil pressure and stabilize the walls. I-Beam wall brace systems; When wall anchors cannot be used, adjustable steel I-beam systems can be used to stabilize the tilted walls and force them back to their original, upright position. Foundation piers; By using a foundation pier, a sinking foundation can be lifted up to its original position. Jack posts; Sagging crawl spaces can be straightened and strengthened using jack post systems.

The Services

The repair services offered by many companies take care of any cracks or structural problems. They will provide warranted services that are also transferable. Certain issues require foundation replacement which is time consuming and expensive. The following foundation repair services are commonly suggested: Wall stabilization, Wall straightening, Street creep repair, Settlement repair, Mud jacking, Crawl space repair. Each service is aimed at addressing different issues related to foundations. It is crucial to address the worst part of the foundation issues which is the loose soil surrounding your foundation.

Advance Method

The three advanced methods of house repair are: Concrete press piling: Concrete pressed piling involves drilling or pouring concrete piers. The method involves drilling holes to a depth of 9-12 feet below the surface and then reinforcing steel and concrete. The method further involves topping concrete spacers and shims over the poured concrete. Steel press piling: this involves settling hollow steel piles in the ground through a rotary press-in method. Steel press piling method is considered the best method as it provides long lasting support. Bellbottom piers: this involves drilling a hole in the ground, belling it at the bottom, pouring concrete into the hole, and then using that to lift it off. See more.

Foundation Repair Contractors and Cost

Reach out to a structural repair company in your area that specializes in providing innovative and permanent solutions to your foundation problems, be it a residential or commercial structure. Many foundation repair experts are capable of doing thereplacement. They provide on-site assessments, gauge the extent of damage, and accordingly customize a solution for the problem.The following factors influence the cost of a foundation repair: Size of the foundation, Structural complexities, The range of services availed, The number of days taken to complete the repair, The number of workforces required


Replacing a foundation is a time consuming, costly process. The process requires excavation of the area around the house, placing the house on temporary supports, building a new foundation and placing the structure back in place. All issues aboutfoundation are related to the surrounding soil conditions.

Help from the best: hire foundation repair Huston

foundation repair

The foundation is a term used in engineering to designate the structures responsible for transmitting building proper support to the ground. Whether you think you need the help from Houston foundation repair or if you simply would like to know more about foundation repair Houston keep on reading for some valuable information on the matter.

Understand the importance of good house foundation

In building a house one of the most important elements is the foundation. The foundation is the part of the building that supports the weight and maintains fixed and level the property in the terrain. If it does not conform to the loads it must withstand, it will cause serious problems for the rest of the structure (walls, ceilings, etc.). The foundation is called the part of a structure that transmits to the ground the load of the work.

The foundation or foundation serves to support the house on the ground. The foundation depends on the soil type of your land. The first thing is to try to know the type and the support capacity of the soil, after which the type of foundation to be executed is defined. A survey shows which foundation is most suitable for each type of construction, however in order for you to get that answer you will need proper advice from real professionals of the field. There are firms specializing in soil surveys. Even pier and beam foundation repair might be needed.

Your foundation does not look right?

But the best tip is to consult the neighbors to find out how the foundations of nearby houses were made. Before deciding on the type of foundation in a field, it is essential that the professional adopt the following procedures:

  1. visit the site of the work, detecting the possible existence of wetlands, outcropping of rocks etc .;
  2. visit works in progress nearby, verifying the solutions adopted;
  3. drill a 2 “or 4” diameter drill bit by collecting samples from the soil layers until reaching the resistant layer;
  4. If doubts persist, have geotechnical drilling done.

If you need professional help in the field then make sure you have a real good team of professionals give you the proper assistance, after all you should ensure that the foundation of whatever construction you are doing will last for as long as it should last. Make sure you have the help of real good professionals of the field. Contact foundation repair Houston tx!

Who is foundation repair Houston tx

Houston foundation repair is a team specialized in all sorts of construction foundation. With years of experience in the field they will be able to help you choose the best type of foundation for your construction site as well as give you useful advice as to whether or not you will be needing repairs anytime soon. If you have any sort of doubt when it comes to foundation repair then make sure you contact Houston foundation repair as they will be able to help.

Why foundation repair Houston TX is needed?


The homes or such buildings that are very old are usually susceptible to get a foundation repair. The cracked walls, out of order doors, floors with bulges and other repairing problems are the cause of foundation repair. Foundation settlement may cause many structural problems to your home. So do not worry now. Fortunately, there is the solution of repairing the issues of home without scratching or tearing it out. Foundation repairing uses improved and expensive clay that foundation repairs use for the settlement of building that gets damages on certain places in the home or other buildings that are too old. Without fear of destroying, you can find foundation repair to resolve the problems of repairing. It is really not unsafe now. You just will feel comfortable once you get the foundation repair by the companies like Pier and Beam foundation repair or foundation repair Houston TX in the market.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair is a traditional system for repairing residential dwelling as well as it is much more efficient as the modern and concrete foundation repairs. It provides much easier repair for their clients than the concrete foundations. They provide affordable and less labor intensive procedures for the buildings repair. You can get the benefit of integrated crawlspace on the larger extent with the services of Pier and Beam foundation repair. The crawlspace is a space that is consists of all the connections of the home plumbing so that it becomes easy through this web to make periodic repairs. Moreover, it is used to install the central of heating systems of the house. Pier and Beam’s foundation tackles the issue with the efficiency of the experts for their clients. However, it becomes is easy for them if you cooperate with them by knowing and explaining basics of the foundation issue.

Foundation Repair Houston TX

Similarly, Foundation repair Houston TX is also one of the best providers of foundation repair for your home or building. It is the claim of the company that many of the companies are leading in the market with their experiences and vast area of expertise. However, they compete with the generations’ measurement. Foundation repair Houston TX is the foundation repair with the 80 years of experience. They provide cost effective foundation solution to their clients and repair the buildings for the long lasting period. You can advantage of warranty program for your repairs if you tend to repair by Foundation repair Houston TX.

Characteristics of Foundation repair Houston TX

They differ from Pier and Beam foundation repair if you consider for foundation repair. Foundation Repair Houston TX entails expertise of very wet to very hot for the foundation repair for the home or commercial repair. However, Pier and Beam Foundation repair includes underpinning according to the type of foundation issue, moreover, they first consider that underpinning is necessary or not.

Hence, they first fix up the foundation on the temporary basis and then come to make it permanent if it is verified on the temporary basis. There are multiple retailers of Foundation Repair Houston TX wide.


Do You Really Need Professional Pier And Beam Foundation Repair?


Pier and beam foundation repair isn’t something that most home owners think about as they think their homes are perfect. Unfortunately, foundations are easily damaged and while they can take years to fully cause destruction, they are serious elements of a home. When your foundations are damaged, you are going to run into a lot of trouble and it really is necessary to look into repairs. However, will you need to hire a professional to make these repairs?

What Do You Know About Foundations And Making Repairs?

Unsure if you need a professional to carry out the necessary foundation repair on your home? Well, you need to first ask yourself what you actually know about a home’s foundations. Do you know how to make the necessary repairs or what’s involved? If you don’t then it is certainly time to look into professional services. Can’t you deal with this yourself? No. it really isn’t advised to consider DIY or at-home foundation repairs as it’s potentially dangerous. There is such a big risk associated with repairs which is why it is wise to ensure a professional deal with everything.

Professionals Ensure Foundation Repair Houston Is Carried Out Successfully

Hiring a professional foundation repair specialist will help to ensure the necessary work is carried out without putting anyone within your home at risk. The professionals know what steps must be taken to stabilize the home and foundations. They can carry out the necessary repairs with ease and ensure it disrupts your life as little as possible. Of course, it may be necessary to leave the home during the repairs but it shouldn’t be for too long. Once the professional has dealt with Houston foundation repair and the home is safe, residents can return. This doesn’t take too long and you know everything is safe once again.

Foundation Repairs Are Difficult When You Don’t Know What to Do

Let’s be honest, pier and beam foundation repair is difficult to deal with. When you have little or no knowledge about these things then you can make things far worse and that is only going to cause a few real issues for everyone. It isn’t advisable either to take matters into your own hands as it’s a real risk and danger to those in the home and surrounding areas too. This has certainly become a necessity and professionals are far better to deal with the repairs so it will be easier for them too.

Professionals Will Make the Job Easier

Who wants to deal with foundation repairs? Very few that’s for sure but the truth is that there may come a time when it’s necessary. That is going to be a worrying time and one that brings a lot of stress and strain too. However, you do not need to worry and hiring a professional will be the right solution to your problem. Of course, you might be tempted to attempt the repairs personally but that might not be the wisest idea especially if you aren’t qualified to handle such things. Houston foundation repair can be easily handled as long as you hire a professional:

7 Common Problems with Pier and Beam Foundations

foundation repair

Pier and beam foundation repair involves checking on the wood posts or the concrete piers set into the ground bearing the building weight on the foundation beams. A homebuyer looking to purchase the property must have knowledge of how a home is built. Sure, they can walk into a home and simply decide to buy it out of love based on how it looks, but if they really want to know more about the property, start from the ground up.

The property foundation shows how well it’s made and if it has foundation issue, the entire building is to waste. The sturdiest foundation is the pier and beam foundation.

Common problems with pier and beam foundation

The pier and beam foundations are the popular foundations across the Houston, thus houses with the foundation are extremely common. Homeowners choose the foundation for its stability. The pier and beam foundation repair process varies depending on the company hired.  Foundation repair Houston services are exceedingly common in Houston because it’s effective.

You will call for foundation repair if you note:

  • Sagging floors and moving beams: All kind of foundation problems will develop if the home is sinking or settling. Foundation repair Houston services are happy to install new shims, piers, and foundation support.
  • Tilting piers and building problems: this basically contributes to foundation failure causing the beams to move and you‘ll need to stabilize all the foundation piers.
  • Concrete piers collapsing: the collapse makes the foundation uneven and causing cracks in the beams, thus the foundation. Get an expert to stabilize the concrete piers.
  • Cracking exterior piers: the door frames keep getting out of the kilter due to the piers have given way and the beams are moving. Although it’s a usual drawback to the foundation the issue is solved by installing shims and new beams and replacing the exterior piers.
  • Any poor construction: poor contraction in piers and beams structure is very common and calls for raising the foundation and joists.
  • A damp crawlspace: the pier and beams structures as hugely affected by moisture and its needs excellent foundation drainage corrections.
  • Mold and mildew in the beams: this ends up ruining the wooden beam and joints, thus extract to the wooden members and replace them.

Why choose a pier and beam foundation?

The pier and beam foundation despite having a number of problems it’s one of the best foundation recommended by foundation repair Houston. It allows small crawl space underneath the building lacking basement and it’s easy to access pipes and electrical inlets for this location.

The foundation is the perfect for areas experiencing ground shifting from cold to extremely hot weather; perfects too for ground known to freeze and take in a great deal of water thus causing foundation damage. Find out more informations in this post:

The best assets of having this type of foundation it’s much better on the body of elevated floor. The raised wood platform is much more giving and back issue reduces the pain people go through with other foundation. Looking for this type of foundation the structure you are considering to purchase on, simply ask foundation repair Houston TX.

Plan Now For Future Foundation Repair

Houston foundation repair is not a pleasant thing. When the foundations go you know your property is in big trouble. Yet, for thousands of people they don’t think too much about what they would do if something were to happen to their foundations. It seems unnecessary to plan for the future but sometimes it is necessary.

Learn About the Local Foundation Repair Contractors

When you want to plan for the future and any potential foundation repair troubles you are going to have, then you need to get to know local contractors. There are many different contractors available today and you have to know a few of the very best and highly rated contractors. This can make all the difference when it comes to getting a good repairs contractor and a terrible one. By knowing a few of the best local contractors you can make foundation repair easier and less complicated.

Set Aside Money for Foundation Costs

Foundation repair Houston is something which most people think they are equipped to deal with themselves but in reality they aren’t. However, when you call in a professional you can ensure all problems are dealt with sufficiently. Though, you do have to look into setting money aside each week or month to put towards repairs for foundations. This might sound a little crazy to put money away for something that might never be an issue but should the foundations need repaired then this money can save you a lot. You don’t need to worry about saving up or finding the money to repair the foundations and there aren’t any delays in the work being started. Find out more informations here.

Call When the First Signs of a Problem Appears

A lot of people think when cracks begin to appear in the walls there is nothing to worry about – but they are sorely mistaken. Whenever cracks or any signs of foundations problems appear, it is time to call a professional and get the issues resolved. It isn’t too difficult to do and you can easily ensure your home or property is kept safe. Houston foundation repair can be surprisingly simple and if you act fast enough you can hopefully avoid further complications.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Quotes from Several Companies

When it comes to foundation repair issues you need to ensure you are getting the very best contractors possible. This is an important issue to deal with and one which must be dealt with in a shift but precise manner. Getting several quotes from a variety of companies or contractors can in fact be a good thing and something you should consider also. This doesn’t take too long and once you get your quotes you can decide which is best now and in the future also.

Plan Today and Be Better Prepared

The biggest problem for most is that when something goes wrong they are vastly underprepared. This is not only a bad thing for you but bad for the issue because usually it makes things a lot more complicated. However, when you take the time to look at what can be done now just in case there are any future problems with the foundations of your home, you can potentially avoid disaster. Houston foundation repair can be easy when you are prepared.

Concrete Floor Paint – Great Ideas in Painting Your Concrete Flooring

These days, concrete floor paint is becoming more and more popular among homeowners. Your concrete flooring does not have to be gray, dull and boring because now, you can do a lot of things and add any color to it to make it more appealing. There are numerous methods that you can use to create your desired effect.

Faux Tile. You can easily create the illusion of tiles on your flooring by faux tiling. This method involves a simple process. To start with, you have to paint the floor using a light color as a background. Then, with a masking tape, make tile-like divisions then paint with a darker color. As soon as it is dried, remove the masking tape to reveal the ‘grout lines’ on the floor, which is similar to the tiled floor. Experiment with the color and design you want.

Marble. With the newest colors available in the market today, you can now create a marble effect on your floor. While these paints have special qualities, they can be applied the same way as regular paints. Aside from marble, there are also paint manufacturers that offer granite finish or various beautiful textured effects.

Stone studded. If you want to take your creativity to the next level, why not include stones into your flooring? First, produce a concrete surface with your preferred paint. You can do this by adding concrete dye into the mixture. When it starts to harden, flatten the surface, then put on your decorative stones evenly. It is essential to make sure that your decorative stones are not pointed or too sharp.

Multicolored. This is perfect for those who want to create a vibrant room. All you need is to divide the floor into several segments and do the same thing to the mixture (equal number of portions). Then, add a different color to each part then mix thoroughly. Carefully apply the mixture to the floor. It is important to make sure that the previous segment has completely dried before working on the next one.

How to Choose the Right Paint to Do the Job

To make your flooring attractive, it is important to choose the right kind of paint. Keep in mind that if you choose a wrong type of paint, the floor will easily crack and chip. Also, it is not recommended to use water-based paints because they don’t adhere very well. To achieve your desired floor effect, it is best to go for oil-based floor paints or the epoxy paints. However, note that epoxy paints should be applied by an expert. You can also work with latex paint, but you need to apply three to four coats of high gloss finish. For basement flooring, a great option is a concrete stain, which is very easy to apply.

When it comes to concrete floor paint options, the possibilities are endless. You can opt for loud shades or go for neutral colors. You can create different kinds of finishes such as marble, mosaic tile or granite. Available colors include chocolate, beige, gray and black, grapevine, gray and white and more.. 

Tints of olive green, red, ocher, amber, beige and purple are great options to go with the home décor. On the other hand, if you are working with the basement flooring, it is recommended to use light shades. Dark shades are best for decorative or sponging paints. Furthermore, you can use white, ivory and gray to achieve the marble finish.

Find more ideas and tips here: