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Shawn Wright

Shawn Wright

Hey everybody, I’m Shawn and I am glad you found my website. I am a twenty year old dude that has been in the construction biz since he was born. Yeah, my dad owned his construction business and I worked with him since I was a little guy.

Now that I am on my own I still do construction but I focus more on waterproofing. I have done roofs and basements and foundations hence the FBR in the name, but I like building too. My goal with this site is to combine my interest in building greenhouses and out buildings with my extensive knowledge of waterproofing. Seems weird but I love to build stuff with skylights. And anyone who has been in the industry knows skylights are notorious for being a big pain in the neck with leaking.

Most people don’t go to the trouble of properly installing and sealing skylights cause they know that even a crappy job with last several years, but boy when that seal gives, watch out, you will have a flood!

Anyhow I hope anyone who crosses paths with my site will learn a little something and maybe be able to build some stuff that can hold out a rain storm! 🙂


Shawn Wright

The Waterproofing Dude


PS- That pic has nothing to do with the site, I just thought it was a funny shot!