The Electric Tankless Water Heater May Be A Better Choice Over Gas

If you currently have a conventional storage tank heater, the Electric Tankless Water Heater can provide a constant supply of hot water. The choice of electric over gas may be due the nonavailability of natural or propane gas. Pretty much it depends on your situation, however, here are some basic differences:

Electric tankless water heaters are generally cheaper than the gas variety.

The electric models are cheaper to install; gas models require venting.

Gas models produce hot water at a higher flow rate during cold weather (water get hot quicker).

Gas is slightly cheaper than electricity but gas is more subject to dramatic swings in price.

Burning gas produces green house emissions from your home; electric models don’t.

Either way you get a major improvement over the traditional hot water heater. The tankless variety of hot water heater is especially useful for those with large families so that everyone can take a shower or bath without the need for allowing the water in the tank to heat up. This had been an issue for many years when family members needed to get ready at the same time and had no hot water. Tricks many families have used in the past is taking quick showers, so other members would have enough hot water to complete their showers.

A traditional hot water tank keeps the total number of gallons the tank holds hot even when you do not need it. This means, it is using more energy to keep those gallons hot, so that when you do turn on your hot water faucet, you have hot water. This is more expensive than an Electric Tankless Water Heater, because it is has the concept of “hot water on demand” meaning it is hot only when you need.

Another benefit to an Electric Tankless Water Heater is you have the option of installing it inside or outdoors. A conventional water heater tank must be installed inside online. This can create a nuisance if you have a very small area in which to place a standard tank; it usually means that a much smaller capacity tank is used, which results in less hot water when you need it. The tankless options are smaller than traditional tanks, which means a small storage space is not an issue.

gas and electric water heaters

Because the Electric Tankless Water Heater is not running when you are not needing hot water, you save money in energy costs, which in turn is better for the environment and better for your pocketbook.

This is great news even for those that do not have a large family because in the end, everyone can save money. The benefits of a tankless water heater far outweigh any initial costs in the purchase since using it year after year will ultimately mean it pays for itself, literally. These types of tanks normally last much longer than traditional water heater tanks, which makes the investment that much better.for more information, visit this source.

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